Aquila chrysaetos

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Scientific Name
Aquila chrysaetos
Common Name
Golden Eagle
Taxa Group
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  • Data package
    Data from: New York State bald eagle report 2010
    (2018-12-21) Nye, Peter; Hewitt, Glenn; Swenson, Theresa; Kays, Roland
    Satellite telemetry collected between 1992 and 2010 by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation to document the migratory pathways of raptors and owls in NY State.
  • Data package
    Data from: Study "HawkWatch International Golden Eagles"
    (2019-08-28) Smith, Jeff P.
    Golden Eagles captured at autumn migration sites in western North America between 1999 and 2008. Our goal was to document migration routes and the specific summer/winter range connections of migrants seen at various sites in order to facilitate geographically specific interpretations of population trend data derived from our long-term migration counts.