Appendix B

This interactive 3D plot of Figure S1 captures a small section of the study area shown in Appendix A (Figure 1) and includes a portion of the GPS trajectory (200 fixes) of a bat tracked on the night of August 08, 2017 between 20:00 and 04:00 of the following morning. The green and red spheres indicate the start and the end of the trajectory, respectively. The trajectory of the bat is coloured according to 3D airspeed from purple (0.032 m/s) to yellow (15.12 m/s, see main Figure 2 and Figure S1 for details). A subsample of the uplifting wind vectors at 23 pressure levels (from 10 to 2156 m AGL) is represented by vertical arrows. The length of these arrows represents the vertical wind component of the wind.