3D migration flights of common noctules (data from O'Mara et al. 2019)

O'Mara MT, Wikelski M, Kranstauber B, Dechmann DKN. 3D migration flights of common noctules (data from O'Mara et al. 2019). Movebank Data Repository. https://doi.org/10.5441/001/1.5d736bf0/1
It is generally assumed that small migrating birds and bats explore wind conditions and then choose a flight altitude, which they then maintain. Because of their high metabolism and flight costs, bats should also minimize energy expenditure during migratory flight, but we know little of how individuals make their migratory journeys. We followed migrating common noctules (Nyctalus noctula) fitted with miniaturized barometric pressure radio transmitters by airplane to record three dimensional migratory movements. Mean airspeeds were 7.2-15.9 m/s and overall climb rates were faster than overall descent rates. While all bats migrated in the same northeasterly direction, they showed flexibility in their altitudes, distances and stopover sites both within and among individuals. This suggests that individuals make decisions to take advantage of wind, landscape, and navigational conditions or other, yet unknown factors, to optimize their nightly flights. Our results once more confirm that the flexibility and behavioral repertoire of individuals in the wild is greater than we assume.
animal migration,animal movement,animal tracking,bat,common noctule,flight altitude,Germany,Nyctalus noctula,radio telemetry
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AU  - Kranstauber, Bart
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KW  - animal migration
KW  - animal movement
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KW  - bat
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KW  - Nyctalus noctula
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