White-fronted goose full year tracks 2006-2010 Alterra IWWR-gps

Kruckenberg H, Müskens GJDM, Ebbinge BS. 2018. White-fronted goose full year tracks 2006-2010 Alterra IWWR-gps. Movebank Data Repository. https://doi.org/10.5441/001/1.kk38017f/2
Regular, long-distance migrations of thousands of animal species have consequences for the ecosystems that they visit, modifying trophic interactions and transporting many non-pathogenic and pathogenic organisms. The spatial structure and dynamic properties of animal migrations and population flyways largely determine those trophic and transport effects, but are yet poorly studied. As a basis, we propose a periodic Markov model on the spatial migration network of breeding, stopover and wintering sites to formally describe the process of animal migration on the population level. From seasonally changing transition rates we derived stable, seasonal densities of animals at the network nodes. We parametrized the model with high-quality GPS and satellite telemetry tracks of white storks (Ciconia ciconia) and greater white-fronted geese (Anser a. albifrons). Topological and network flow properties of the two derived networks conform to migration properties like seasonally changing connectivity and shared, directed movement. Thus, the model realistically describes the migration movement of complete populations and can become an important tool to study the effects of climate and habitat change and pathogen spread on migratory animals. Furthermore, the property of periodically changing transition rates makes it a new type of complex model and we need to understand its dynamic properties.
animal migration,animal movement,animal tracking,Anser albifrons,Argos,avian migration,satellite telemetry,spatial migration network,white-gronted goose
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ID  - doi:10.5441/001/1.kk38017f/2
T1  - White-fronted goose full year tracks 2006-2010 Alterra IWWR-gps
AU  - Kruckenberg, Helmut
AU  - Müskens, Gerhard J.D.M.
AU  - Ebbinge, Barwolt S.
Y1  - 2018/06/13
KW  - animal migration
KW  - animal movement
KW  - animal tracking
KW  - Anser albifrons
KW  - Argos
KW  - avian migration
KW  - satellite telemetry
KW  - spatial migration network
KW  - white-gronted goose
KW  - Anser albifrons
PB  - Movebank data repository
UR  - http://dx.doi.org/10.5441/001/1.kk38017f/2
DO  - doi:10.5441/001/1.kk38017f/2
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