Poultry network China (data from Choi et al. 2016)

Choi C, Takekawa JY, Yue X, Ying L, Wikelski M, Heine G, Prosser DJ, Newman SH, Edwards J, Guo F, Xiao X. 2016. Poultry network China (data from Choi et al. 2016). Movebank Data Repository. https://doi.org/10.5441/001/1.38f467s7/1
Agro-ecological conditions associated with the spread and persistence of highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) are not well understood, but the trade of live poultry is suspected to be a major pathway. Although market chains of live bird trade have been studied through indirect means including interviews and questionnaires, direct methods have not been used to identify movements of individual poultry. To bridge the knowledge gap on quantitative movement and transportation of poultry, we introduced a novel approach for applying telemetry to document domestic duck movements from source farms at Poyang Lake, China. We deployed recently developed transmitters that record Global Positioning System (GPS) locations and send them through the Groupe Spécial Mobile (GSM) cellular telephone system. For the first time, we were able to track individually marked ducks from 3 to 396 km from their origin to other farms, distribution facilities, or live bird markets. Our proof of concept test showed that the use of GPS-GSM transmitters may provide direct, quantitative information to document the movement of poultry and reveal their market chains. Our findings provide an initial indication of the complexity of source-market network connectivity and highlight the great potential for future telemetry studies in poultry network analyses.
Anas platyrhynchos,animal movement,animal tracking,avian influenza,Cairina moschata,domestic duck,GSM telemetry,market chain,Muscovy duck,network,poultry,Poyang Lake,telemetry
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ID  - doi:10.5441/001/1.38f467s7/1
T1  - Poultry network China (data from Choi et al. 2016)
AU  - Choi, Chang-Yong
AU  - Takekawa, John Y.
AU  - Yue, Xiong
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Y1  - 2016/07/01
KW  - Anas platyrhynchos
KW  - animal movement
KW  - animal tracking
KW  - avian influenza
KW  - Cairina moschata
KW  - domestic duck
KW  - GSM telemetry
KW  - market chain
KW  - Muscovy duck
KW  - network
KW  - poultry
KW  - Poyang Lake
KW  - telemetry
KW  - Anas platyrhynchos
KW  - Cairina moschata
PB  - Movebank data repository
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