Migration of Sabine's gulls from the Canadian High Arctic-reference-data

Davis SE, Maftei M, Mallory ML. 2016. Migration of Sabine's gulls from the Canadian High Arctic-reference-data. Movebank Data Repository. https://doi.org/10.5441/001/1.c745vb70/2
The world's Arctic latitudes are some of the most recently colonized by birds, and an understanding of the migratory connectivity of circumpolar species offers insights into the mechanisms of range expansion and speciation. Migratory divides exist for many birds, however for many taxa it is unclear where such boundaries lie, and to what extent these affect the connectivity of species breeding across their ranges. Sabine’s gulls (Xema sabini) have a patchy, circumpolar breeding distribution and overwinter in two ecologically similar areas in different ocean basins: the Humboldt Current off the coast of Peru in the Pacific, and the Benguela Current off the coasts of South Africa and Namibia in the Atlantic. We used geolocators to track Sabine’s gulls breeding at a colony in the Canadian High Arctic to determine their migratory pathways and wintering sites. Our study provides evidence that birds from this breeding site disperse to both the Pacific and Atlantic oceans during the non-breeding season, which suggests that a migratory divide for this species exists in the Nearctic. Remarkably, members of one mated pair wintered in opposite oceans. Our results ultimately suggest that colonization of favorable breeding habitat may be one of the strongest drivers of range expansion in the High Arctic.
animal movement,animal tracking,avian migration,light-level loggers,migratory connectivity,MODIS,Sabine's gull,sea surface temperature,Xema sabini
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ID  - doi:10.5441/001/1.c745vb70/2
T1  - Migration of Sabine's gulls from the Canadian High Arctic-reference-data
AU  - Davis, Shanti E.
AU  - Maftei, Mark
AU  - Mallory, Mark L.
Y1  - 2016/12/14
KW  - animal movement
KW  - animal tracking
KW  - avian migration
KW  - light-level loggers
KW  - migratory connectivity
KW  - Sabine's gull
KW  - sea surface temperature
KW  - Xema sabini
KW  - Xema sabini
PB  - Movebank data repository
UR  - http://dx.doi.org/10.5441/001/1.c745vb70/2
DO  - doi:10.5441/001/1.c745vb70/2
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