Mergus merganser

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Scientific Name
Mergus merganser
Common Name
Common Merganser
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    Data from: Post-fledging movements of juvenile common mergansers (Mergus merganser) in Alaska as inferred by satellite telemetry
    (2016-12-19) Petersen, Margaret R.; Douglas, David
    We implanted satellite transmitters into eight juvenile Common Mergansers to investigate post-fledging movements from their natal river in southcentral Alaska. Subsequently, they moved widely throughout portions of western and southcentral Alaska up to 750 km from their natal areas during fall and winter months. Transmitters of two birds (one male and one female) continued to send location data into their second year and allowed us to determine the location and timing of the flightless molt period for each bird. Overall, our data suggest that juvenile Common Mergansers range widely immediately after fledging, that second year males and females may differ in their movement patterns, and that these movements have implications for population genetic structure of this species.