Lycalopex culpaeus

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Lycalopex culpaeus
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    Data from: A pilot study on the home range and movement patterns of the Andean Fox Lycalopex culpaeus (Molina, 1782) in Cotopaxi National Park, Ecuador
    (2021-09-02) Castellanos, Armando
    This study reports movement patterns and home range estimates of an Andean fox (Lycalopex culpaeus) in Cotopaxi National Park in Ecuador, representing the first GPS-tagging of the species. The GPS functioned well during the 197-day tracking period. Home range sizes ranged between 4.9 and 8.1 km2, depending on the estimation method. Movement speeds averaged 0.17 km/h at day versus 0.87 km/h at night, and distance traveled averaged 0.23 km at day versus 0.89 km at night. These preliminary results highlight the importance of collecting unbiased, high-quality data which enables an enhanced understanding on mammal behavior and human/animal interaction.