Lepus arcticus

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Scientific Name
Lepus arcticus
Common Name
Arctic Hare
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  • Data package
    Data from: Study "Arctic hare Alert - Argos tracking"
    (2021-12-31) Berteaux, Dominique
    Lagomorphs (pikas, rabbits and hares) are small to medium-sized herbivores that occupy diverse habitats across all continents except Antarctica. Lagomorph movements are usually limited to natal dispersal, performed over relatively short distances (< 1 to 35 km). Here, we report the longest travel ever documented in a lagomorph, an Arctic hare Lepus arcticus, tracked during a project characterizing large-scale movements in the Canadian High Arctic using Argos satellite telemetry. From her Alert departure to her settlement near Lake Hazen, she traveled a minimum cumulative distance of 388 km over 49 days. This long-distance movement reveals unprecedented mobility capacities in this mammalian order.