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  • Data package
    Data from: Are movements of day- and night-time passerine migrants as different as day and night?
    (2020-09-08) Michalik, Bianca; Brust, Vera; Hüppop, Ommo
    Even after decades of research, the migration of songbirds still holds numerous secrets. Distinct stopover and routing behavior of diurnally and nocturnally migrating songbirds has been stated in the 1960s, but empirical confirmation is yet lacking widely. We studied the behavior of individual diurnally migrating dunnocks and nocturnally migrating blackcaps by means of large‐scale automated radio‐telemetry. Birds were radio‐tagged during their stopover at the German North Sea coast. Our data indicate longer initial stopover duration in the diurnally migrating dunnocks, opposing the hypothesis of nocturnal migrants needing more time to recover due to their longer migratory flights. Nonetheless, dunnocks stopped over more often along their tracks as when compared to the nocturnally migrating blackcaps. Behavior en route did not differ as clearly between species challenging the general view of contrasting routings of diurnal and nocturnal migrants with regard to landscape and open water. Our results imply additional factors of relevance other than differences in species or daily migration timing per se. We discuss and highlight the need of detailed and individual based data to better understand stopover and routing behavior of songbirds in the environmental context.