Movements of long-legged buzzards and short-toed eagles

dc.contributor.authorFriedemann, Guilad
dc.contributor.authorLeshem, Yossi
dc.contributor.authorIzhaki, Ido
dc.description.abstractEcologically-similar species were found to develop specific strategies to partition their resources, leading to niche differentiation and divergence, in order to avoid interspecific competition. Our study determines multi-dimensional differentiation of two sympatric top-predators, long-legged buzzards (LLB) and short-toed eagles (STE), which recently became sympatric during their breeding season in the Judean Foothills, Israel. By combining information from comprehensive diet and movement analyses we found four dimensions of differentiation: (1) Geographic foraging area: LLB tended to forage relatively close to their nests (2.35 ± 0.62 km), while STE forage far from their nest (13.03 ± 2.20 km); (2) Foraging-habitat type: LLBs forage at low natural vegetation, avoiding cultivated fields, whereas STEs forage in cultivated fields, avoiding low natural vegetation; (3) Diurnal dynamics of foraging: LLBs are uniformly active during daytime, whereas STEs activity peaks in the early afternoon; and (4) Food-niche: while both species largely rely on reptiles (47.8% and 76.3% for LLB and STE, respectively), LLB had a more diverse diet and consumed significantly higher percentages of lizards, while STE consumed significantly higher percentages of snakes. Our results suggest that this multidimensional differentiation allows the spatial coexistence of these two dense populations in the study area.
dc.subjectButeo rufinus
dc.subjectCircaetus gallicus
dc.subjectecological release
dc.subjectflight corridors
dc.subjectfood niche differentiation
dc.subjectforaging area
dc.subjectGPS tags
dc.subjecthabitat differentiation
dc.subjectinterspecific competition
dc.subjectlong-legged buzzard
dc.subjectremote sensing
dc.subjectshort-toed eagle
dc.subjectspatial segregation
dc.titleMovements of long-legged buzzards and short-toed eagles
dspace.entity.typeData package
dwc.ScientificNameButeo rufinus
dwc.ScientificNameCircaetus gallicus
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Friedemann G, Leshem Y, Izhaki I. Movements of long-legged buzzards and short-toed eagles. Movebank Data Repository.
ID  - doi:10.5441/001/1.c6q8353q/1
T1  - Movements of long-legged buzzards and short-toed eagles
AU  - Friedemann, Guilad
AU  - Leshem, Yossi
AU  - Izhaki, Ido
KW  - Buteo rufinus
KW  - Circaetus gallicus
KW  - diel
KW  - ecological release
KW  - flight corridors
KW  - food niche differentiation
KW  - foraging area
KW  - GPS tags
KW  - habitat differentiation
KW  - interspecific competition
KW  - long-legged buzzard
KW  - remote sensing
KW  - short-toed eagle
KW  - spatial segregation
KW  - Buteo rufinus
KW  - Circaetus gallicus
PB  - Movebank data repository
UR  -
DO  - doi:10.5441/001/1.c6q8353q/1
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