MPIAB Argos white stork tracking (1991-2017)-argos

dc.contributor.authorBerthold, Peter
dc.contributor.authorKaatz, Christoph
dc.contributor.authorKaatz, Michael
dc.contributor.authorQuerner, Ulrich
dc.contributor.authorvan den Bossche, Willem
dc.contributor.authorChernetsov, Nikita
dc.contributor.authorFiedler, Wolfgang
dc.contributor.authorWikelski, Martin
dc.description.abstractSatellite tracking of white storks (Ciconia ciconia) was begun by the Max Planck Institute of Ornithology and collaborators in 1991. After solar-powered transmitters became available in 1995, extended battery life combined with the possibility to replace transmitters over time allowed monitoring the movements of individual storks across multiple migration seasons, with one individual, Prinzesschen, tracked for over a decade. Research efforts continue using primarily GSM-based tracking technologies. This dataset includes over 200 storks tagged in Belgium, Germany, Greece, Israel, Poland, Russia, South Africa, Spain and Switzerland. As noted in the deployment information, some movements are influenced by experimental manipulations. This long-term study confirms what previous several-year tracking studies of white storks had indicated: there can be great variability from year to year in the choice of winter quarters as well as in the routes and times of migration, intermediate destinations and stop-over periods, but constancy of winter quarters and migration routes is also possible. The variability may well be caused by external factors, of which food supply is probably predominant.
dc.subjectanimal migration
dc.subjectanimal movement
dc.subjectanimal tracking
dc.subjectavian migration
dc.subjectCiconia ciconia
dc.subjectsatellite telemetry
dc.subjectspatial migration network
dc.subjectwhite stork
dc.titleMPIAB Argos white stork tracking (1991-2017)-argos
dspace.entity.typeData package
dwc.ScientificNameCiconia ciconia
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Berthold P, Kaatz C, Kaatz M, Querner U, van den Bossche W, Chernetsov N, Fiedler W, Wikelski M. MPIAB Argos white stork tracking (1991-2017)-argos. Movebank Data Repository.
ID  - doi:10.5441/001/1.k29d81dh/1
T1  - MPIAB Argos white stork tracking (1991-2017)-argos
AU  - Berthold, Peter
AU  - Kaatz, Christoph
AU  - Kaatz, Michael
AU  - Querner, Ulrich
AU  - van den Bossche, Willem
AU  - Chernetsov, Nikita
AU  - Fiedler, Wolfgang
AU  - Wikelski, Martin
KW  - animal migration
KW  - animal movement
KW  - animal tracking
KW  - Argos
KW  - avian migration
KW  - Ciconia ciconia
KW  - satellite telemetry
KW  - spatial migration network
KW  - white stork
KW  - Ciconia ciconia
PB  - Movebank data repository
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DO  - doi:10.5441/001/1.k29d81dh/1
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